Hello friends,


My name is Tom, and I’ve been a professional commercial and editorial photographer for 30 years.

I’m from an Irish American family who traveled from the West Coast of Ireland to America in the mid 19th century to escape famine and imperialism.  We have been proud Americans for five generations.

I grew up in the mid-west, in Oklahoma City. And my college major was visual art.  After college I moved to Atlanta Georgia where I worked in fine art photo finishing with photographers such as Harry Callahan, Kenny Rogers, and Eddie Adams.  Additionally, I oversaw technical orders and projects for the finest of the Atlanta professional photography community. One of my clients, Ed Wolkis, hired me to be coordinator and studio supervisor for his thriving advertising photography studio in midtown Atlanta.

Thomas Fahey Photography, Inc. began shortly afterwards and has been my livelihood for more than 30 years.  My clients have taken me all over our world. I’ve enjoyed different aspects of this business – from technique, theory, equipment, and lighting to the business end and anticipation / accommodation of client needs. Commercial clients of Thomas Fahey Photograhy, Inc. include Tommy Hilfiger, Men’s Warehouse, Entertainment Weekly, Atlanta Magazine, Varsity Spirit Brands, among many others.

My photography has been my economic cornerstone but my heart remains where I started with fine art, photojournalism and street photography. Which brings me to workshops.

My two primary goals in leading workshops are:

… to find out where your photographic interests lie and where my experience and expertise can help grow and refine those interests.

… for you to have a great time on our workshops and leave with information, perspectives, and experience that will help you continue to sharpen your skills and your portfolio as a photographer and artist.

Whether your work involves color landscapes, the tonal moods of black and white, iPhone captures, or the processes of film photography my goal is for you to receive an amazing return on your investment.

I want to work with people who are brand new to photography, emerging photographers who have a bit of experience, established photographers looking to hone a particular skill, tourists who want to take better pictures with their phones, people looking to get to know others with similar interests.  Equipment is secondary to an enthusiastic outlook.  As an art professor told me once – as an artist and creator, if you honor and focus on the unique way that you alone view the world – and we who inhabit it – you will always generate compelling material.

Let’s go!  Assignment: location photography.  Where in the world will the next photoshop take us, what new friends will we make, and how will our experiences help refine who we are and how we capture the world around.  Let’s find out!

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