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I was fortunate to attend my first South [x] Southeast photo workshop in April, 2022 to Tybee Island, Georgia. My experience was magical. Our daily excursions by boats to the nearby barrier islands were led by seasoned naturalists who also happened to be our captains. They went out of their way to ensure that we had the opportunity to encounter as much wildlife as possible and to view the variety of ecosystems that exist in this fragile environment. It was a feast for the eyes. Our trip to Little Tybee Island was the highlight for me. Walking within the pristine landscape and seeing Oystercatcher’s nests with eggs on the beach was transformative. This experience would not have been possible without the careful planning on the part of Nancy McCrary. Nancy does an excellent job at organizing an experience that is sure to delight all who participate. –Beate Sass


I have been on several trips with Nancy McCrary and they never disappoint. She always engages photographers who are helpful and willing to share their knowledge.  Her attention to detail with regard to accommodations, meals, daily outings, and other logistics is thorough and she attracts talented and considerate photographers.  Nancy herself is a wonderful artist and very accessible.  Her workshops appeal to any level of photographer.  There are always professionals who attend, but if you’ve only just begun she encourages everyone to share knowledge.  The groups she leads are supportive and I learn something new every time.  After having photographed full-time for a decade, I rarely attend workshops anymore.  That being said, I always love going to ones Nancy organizes since they are always in beautiful places and so much fun.  –Lynne Buchanan


I have always enjoyed the trips with Nancy, and I had never visited Africa, and when I read the invitation, I was not only ready to go, but also invited my grandchild Connor so we could share my love of taking photos.  It was a great experience. We had a small group and a superb leader in Cyndy B. Waters, that is a great photographer and loves Kenya and its people.  We all had every opportunity to be able to take great photos and have a different experience in each campground.  The food was excellent.  I was able to get early to go to see the sunrise in the beautiful savannahs and take a second trip to see the magnificent sunsets.  My first photo was a giraffe next to a tree with her newborn baby.  The animals were not afraid of our cars, comfortable and safe with superb guides.  I will have to spend a tremendous amount of time to select what pictures I will print, because each one brings a beautiful peaceful memory of a fantastic time. Return? Yes, for sure, this time I want to see a rhinoceros. -Celso Gonzalez-Falla


As a participant in the South x Southeast Photography workshop 2021 Cumberland Island and Okefenokee Swamp experience with Peter Essick, I appreciated the opportunity to explore being among trees and moving water.  That was a new way of seeing in the area we photographed.  The group dynamics were lively and supportive.

I felt the support of Peter and that we had time in most settings to take “more time” to explore a different angle or advantage of light.

I particularly liked the learning aspect about Cumberland and the Okefenokee.

Great all round experience.

Thank you Nancy for your organizational skills and gathering a congenial group of fellow photographers. –Wanda Hopkins


My take on the workshop: it was my first, as I don’t even consider myself a novice photographer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was anything but disappointed. In all regards it was fabulous! I highly recommend it and would love to do it again. Thank you, Cyndy and Nancy, for making this adventure something I’ll always look back on as one of the most exciting and fulfilling events of my life.
What I learned: People don’t change, only places. We need to look for more ways to love each other. When we take away the influence of the world and our own selfish ideas we have everything in common and nothing to bicker about.
What I brought away: I want to go back. – Bill Sorrell


In October 2021 I participated in a photography workshop organized by Nancy McCrary, director and founder of SxSE.  The workshop was led by a well-known photographer Peter Essick. 

It was a very fulfilling experience.  Nancy McCrary showed off her fantastic organizational skills.  The photo excursions on St. Mary’s, Cumberland Island, and to the Okefenokee Swamp were great adventures and a paradise for us photographers. I met many interesting people and had a chance to learn more about Nancy and her wonderful ways of interacting with people.  She provided camaraderie, great food, and wonderful places to photograph. Peter Essick shared readily his photographic knowledge and offered constructive criticism.  The workshop was a unique experience that I would love to repeat. -Malgorzata Florkowska