©Harry Sandler
©Harry Sandler
My passion for photography began at age six when my father gave me an early Polaroid camera.  I was mesmerized by the emerging image when you peeled the print from the back of the camera.  Over the years I’ve spent a great deal of time taking photographs and also learning the technical aspects of photography.  My eye and passion has always been pulled towards creating an image that has an expressionist/painterly feel and context. – Harry Sandler

Sandler was an early adopter of the iPhone image, teaching classes as well as individual instruction in the Northeast and as far away as Iceland. Whether he is teaching, jurying exhibitions, or capturing images, Harry enjoys being a member of that group of early adopters and creators of mobile photography.

The IPhone is eerily reminiscent of that first Polaroid – a virtual camera and darkroom in your pocket. With the advent of modern IPhone applications, one can alter the image to suit that internal vision. It also allows one to push the envelope and add a personal touch to each and every image – right there on the spot. Additionally, I enjoy the ability to post the images instantly on various social media platforms and gain instant feedback from around the world. I love that aspect of having friends out there who can enjoy the images instantly. -HS

Harry got his start in the photography profession as an Assistant to an Advertising Photographer before he moved on to working as a Tour Director in the Music Industry (1966 to 2015).  He has photographed for music publications including Rolling Stone and Circus as well as various other magazines.  His career in entertainment gave him access to both live shows and photo accreditation.  As his reputation grew both as a great Tour Director and Photographer, Harry got the opportunity to work with heavyweights such as Barbra Streisand, John Mellencamp, Eagles, Billy Joel, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks and, most recently, Katy Perry.

It isn’t only “rock’n’roll” when it comes to Sandler’s images as his repertoire includes streetscapes, architecture, and landscapes from Death Valley, Iceland, Ireland, and even his old stomping ground, Coney Island. In addition to a long–term project in Montana, Sandler is currently working on bringing his film archive of over 40 some years into the digital world.