Earth Day on the Georgia Coast 2016

Sylvia Plachy takes us into the Okefenokee Swamp, onto Cumberland Island, and around historic St. Marys. Jerry Atnip will lend his masterful expertise as well. For more information on Sylvia, and for more information on Jerry.

Join us for four days of shooting, critiquing, boating, dining, and reviewing

April 20, 21, 22, 23


Wednesday – St. Marys, Georgia: 

Arrive, settle in, and enjoy the day exploring the town of St. Marys, 

the second-oldest city in the U.S. 

Front Corner Rose Lovell House St. Mary's

SxSE Headquarters will be housed in the Rose-Lovell House, a.k.a. The House, where we will meet on the 20th. We will host our Welcome Dinner here that evening.

During the workshop, we’ll gather at The House to view, print, review, and critique images – both as a group, and with Sylvia and Jerry individually.

It will also serve as a rendezvous point for our trips to the Swamp and Cumberland Island. A great location to hang out on the porches, talk photography, and set off for walks around historic St. Marys streets and cemeteries, or the docks on St. Marys River a couple of blocks away.

©The Rose-Lovell House


Thursday – Okefenokee Swamp

Sunrise is 6:45 – We leave the Boat Basin at 6 am!

We’ll have breakfast biscuits in the boat as we float up the canal before it gets light – with a guide who knows the Okefenokee like the back of their hand.

For 2-3 hours, we’ll shoot the sunrise, the wildlife, did I mention the alligators?, the cypress trunks, the water, did I mention the alligators?

Swamp Trees
Swamp Trees ©Myrtie Cape

Returning @10, we’ll take a break before we meet to discuss the morning’s shoot, prepare for the evening’s shoot, and head back to the swamp.

Around 5pm, dinner will be served at the Boat Basin before we float out to meet the sunset and … the Full Moon. Floating til 9, we’ll experience an entirely different view from that morning.



Friday – Earth Day! Cumberland Island

Known for its pristine beaches, wild horses, and historical architecture, Cumberland is a gem along the East Coast

Sleep in or get in some review time in the morning. Our chartered boat leaves in the early afternoon to drop us on Cumberland Island, returning to pick us up after the sunset and moonrise.

We’ll send you off with dinner, snacks, and drinks for an all-afternoon and evening spent on one of the most magical islands in the world.

Sunset at Dungeness Dock on Cumberland Island ©Wikipedia
Sunset at Dungeness Dock on Cumberland Island ©Wikipedia

Saturday – Free Form Day!

Okefenokee Waterlily ©Myrtie Cape
Okefenokee Waterlily ©Myrtie Cape

Want to return to the Swamp?

Catch the Ferry to Cumberland for a few shots you might have missed?

Or, hang around the house printing images and shooting in St. Marys? It’s your day, fill however you want!



Package Includes:


Wednesday Welcome Dinner

Thursday Breakfast and Dinner

Friday Dinner

Saturday Farewell Dinner


Private boat rides in the Okefenokee Thursday, morning and evening

Private charter boat to/from Cumberland Friday afternoon/evening


Sylvia and Jerry on site, and reviewing your work from the day – printing, sequencing, discussing technique, etc.

TOTAL: $1100


You provide:

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:

Planes: The closest airport is Jacksonville, Florida and we will be glad to pick up anyone arriving from there on Wednesday and leaving on Sunday. Please make both arrival and departure times in the morning so that we may do one round-trip.

Trains: Sorry, but unless you’re hopping a boxcar there are no trains to St Marys and the closest Amtrak is 60 miles away.

Automobiles: You may rent a car at the airport or through Enterprise in St. Marys – (less expensive, and we’ll deliver you there). If you’re coming from a metropolitan area and would like to carpool, please let us know and we’ll put you in touch with anyone else who may be traveling from the same area.


Hotels: There are 2 hotels in St. Marys: Cumberland Inn and Suites and The Riverview Hotel. I’d be tempted to try The Riverview for the ambiance and location, but The Cumberland Inn is more modern. However, there are 3 lovely B&Bs in St Marys, charming homes on VRBO,  and chain hotels with good ratings just up the road in Kingsland ( home of the Naval Submarine Base ). And there’s always the Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island – please let us know if you’re staying there so we can visit you! If we can be of assistance, please let us know. And, if you’d like to share a home or a room please let us know and we’ll be glad to extend your query to the others.

Good Information:


With an average high of 78 and an average low of 61 April is a perfect time for the Georgia coast.

What to Bring:

hat, sunglasses, closed-toed shoes (Okefenokee requires these – don’t ask!), sunscreen, bug repellent …

and after you register, we’ll send the full list!

good attitude!


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Look forward to seeing you on the Coast this Spring!