Del Rio Bar ©Jack Spencer


Join Us for 4 days of Fredericksburg, the Hill Country, and Austin

with Jack Spencer

March 22, 23, 24, 25, 2017

March is when the Hill Country comes alive with wildflowers; warm days and chilly nights, clear air, and color everywhere! We’ll be based in Fredericksburg, a funky old Texas town an hour and a half outside of Austin. From here we’ll set out each day to explore the hill country, waterfalls, deep forests, and other natural wonders with Jack as our guide and instructor. Each evening we’ll dine at the Headquarters House or a local restaurant where we’ll review images, critique our work, and have classroom time with Jack. Saturday evening Jack has an opening reception in Austin at the Stephen Clark Gallery for the launch of his new book on the American West, and has invited us all to join him there. You may either move your base to Austin and shoot there for the day, or return to the hill country and join us later for the opening reception. Sunday we have breakfast and pack for home.

Jack Spencer

School bus ©Jack Spencer

JACK SPENCER is a fine art photographer whose work is in major private and public collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Berkeley Museum of Art; the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans; the Brookings Institute, Fairfax, Virginia; the Tennessee State Museum, Nashville; the Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson; and the Cleveland Museum of Art. In 2005, he received the Lucie Award for International Photographer of the Year in the nature category. His work has been published in the monographs “Native Soil”, by LSU Press, “Jack Spencer” by 21st Editions and “Jack Spencer: Beyond the Surface” by Vanderbilt Press, with upcoming monographs; “This Land-An American Portrait” by University of Texas Press and “Mythologies” by 21st Editions. Spencer lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Texas Workshop will include shooting in the field and classroom time – both as a group and privately with Jack. We will venture out in groups to the hill country during the day and explore Fredericksburg late afternoon and evening. There will be opportunities to go scouting on your own, also. There will be projections and critiques of your work during the evenings. Fees include Supper at the Headquarters House Wednesday, as well as Thursday, and Friday. Lunch at the HH on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Nosh food and drink will be at the house for your convenience, also. Further descriptions and instructions will follow upon reservation.

West Texas Spring ©Jack Spencer
West Texas Spring ©Jack Spencer



Arrive in time to settle in, scout around Fredericksburg, and maybe venture into the hill country before late afternoon at the Headquarters House where we’ll meet the other photographers, staff, and Jack. Our Welcome Supper is held that evening, and Jack will give a presentation of his work and career. We ask that everyone attend this function as it sets the tone for the next 3 days, allows us to start on Thursday already acquainted with each other and with a good idea of what everyone wants to see and do.


Morning shooting in the field. Lunch is a serve-yourself kind of event as we may be coming and going at different times. Or, take it with you! Plenty of choices will be at the HH for your convenience.  Supper at the House or a local restaurant before heading out for an evening shooting, or reviewing your day’s work at the HH.


Head to the countryside. There are far too many great locations for us to take them all in – but that doesn’t mean we can’t try! Lunch at the house, or as a picnic, or on your own. Supper is earlier tonight so that we may view everyone’s work and spend time critiquing.


Back to the hill country? Shooting around Fredericksburg? Or, drive into Austin for a day in the city. Jack has invited us to his opening reception that evening at the Stephen Clark Gallery in Austin so some of you may want to take advantage of shooting in Austin for the day. However, wherever you want to be is fine and we’ll work with you to make sure we’re all together later on.


Head for home!


Drive In ©Jack Spencer
Drive In ©Jack Spencer


Flash drive for downloading the images you would like to project for review and critique with the instructor, or the group.


This workshop is limited to 10 students.

PRICE: $1300 per person


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