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Join Us for 4 days of Oxford, Mississippi

juke joints, Rowan Oak, rural Mississippi, William Eggleston symposium, and the opening of the William Eggleston exhibition at the University of Mississppi, Oxford.



Debbie Fleming Caffery brings her masterful knowledge to the task of instructing us in the field and the classroom. Debbie will present her work at our opening night’s Welcome Supper, and instruct us over the next three days in the field as well as the classroom.
We’re invited to attend the opening reception of the William Eggleston exhibition at the University of Mississippi Museum as well as the Eggleston Symposium. We’ll head out to juke joints for portraiture and street shooting, visit Rowan Oak – Faulkner’s plantation home one block off the main square of Oxford, and do some dirt-road riding for rural shooting. Saturday evening we will host a Farewell Supper with honored guests Maude Schuyler Clay and Langdon Clay who will give a presentation of their life’s work in photography.
Oxford Headquarters House
Oxford Headquarters House


The Headquarters House is a leisurely stroll to the Grove, and a mile to all that downtown Oxford has to offer.




Special Room Rates for students have been arranged at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Oxford.





©Bobbi Lane
©Bobbi Lane

Debbie Fleming Caffery is highly regarded for her work in documentary photography. She is the winner of a Guggenheim Fellowship, The Katrina Media Fellowship, Open Society Institute, George Soros Foundation, Lou Stoumen Award from the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, Michael P Smith Documentary Photography Award, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. She has documented the Louisiana sugar cane harvesting for 39 years with a book published by the Smithsonian Press, “Carry Me Home,” with a one person show at the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. Other books are “Polly” and “The Shadows,” published by Twin Palms Press, “The Spirit and The Flesh,” published by Radius Books, Collection L’Oiseau Rare,’’Filigranes Edition, France. Her work is included in numerous collections internationally, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of Art, Metropolition Museum of Art in New York, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Elton John collection and many more.




The Oxford Workshop will include shooting in the field and classroom time – both as a group and privately with Debbie. We will venture out in groups to Rowan Oak, the downtown Oxford area, and the juke joints in the late afternoon and evening. There will be opportunities to go scouting on your own, also. There will be projections and critiques of your work at the Headquarters House Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Dinners at the Headquarters House Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Nosh food and drink will be at the house for your convenience, also. Further descriptions and instructions will follow upon reservation.




Arrive in the afternoon at the Headquarters House and meet the other photographers, and Debbie. Our Welcome Supper is held that evening, and Debbie will give a presentation of her work and career. We ask that everyone attend this function as it sets the tone for the next 3 days, allows us to start on Thursday already acquainted with each other, and with a good idea of what everyone wants to see and do.


Morning shooting in the field getting to know Oxford, a visit to Rowan Oaks and Downtown. Maybe an afternoon ride to the country. We’ll meet Thursday evening 7-9 is the Opening Reception for the Eggleston Exhibition. Supper is on your own tonight.

Friday: The Eggleston Symposium today begins at 10am, and concludes at 4 pm. If you’d like to attend all or part please feel free to do so. Free of charge. Otherwise, there’s lot of shooting and talking photography left to do! We’ll meet for supper at the  House later in the afternoon before heading out to the juke joints in the evening.


More shooting in Oxford? Ready to return, or make a trip to rural Mississippi? Maybe some time with Debbie? Maude and Langdon Clay will join us late afternoon for a presentation on their life’s work in photography. The Farewell Supper will follow at the House with projections of our work, critique, dessert and cocktails to round out a wonderful four days,


Flash drive for downloading the images you would like to project for review and critique with the instructor, or the group.

PRICE: $1100 per person

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Deadline to Register: September 26th

Hope to see you in Oxford in October!